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Teshia & Corey

It was so great to be a part of Teshia & Corey’s big day. I’ve known Corey since grade school, and I’ve never seen him happier than he is today; with his beautiful wife, and their sweet son by his side.

I got to hang out with little Colden for a bit while his mom got ready. Isn’t he adorable?

Teshia & Corey’s wedding ceremony, dinner, and dance were all held in a greenhouse at the Fledging Crow Farm in Keeseville, NY.  SO cool!

The day wasn’t just about celebrating their love for eachother, but also their abundance of family and friends. Children were a big part of their day, and I loved that.

Their wedding was adorned with handmade decor, and it was truly a labor of love. Corey’s mom made fresh jam, and I can attest that it not only looked great, but was delicious, too!

So happy!

Congratulations, Teshia & Corey!